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Bruised to silence (Ebook) - Irma Grovell

Bruised to silence (Ebook) - Irma Grovell

Verschijningsdatum 2018
Genre Roman
Verschijningsvorm Ebook
ISBN 9789492010186
€ 9,99

Naomi lives on Aruba and from a young age her intentions are to get the best out of life. Photos hang on the wall of her bedroom that she has torn out of magazines, showing women and men looking happy. Her favourite photos are those of Martin Luther King jr., the man who had a dream, and Diahann Caroll, a black actress who played Nurse Julia in a weekly television program. Out of a newspaper she cut out letters forming the words BE HAPPY and stuck them on a page out of an old magazine. Years later she still dreams of becoming a nurse and being happy. Still, she doesn’t succeed to accomplish her dreams. Poignant events in her life have shut her down. What is hidden must remain hidden. But when her father dies, she is forced to open up her tightly closed doors.


Over de auteur

Irma Grovell was born on Aruba as the eldest in a big family. Bruised to silence is her third novel. Her former novels Glanzende schoenen (2014) and Dromen van Holland (2015) were published at publishing house Rheia. In 2008 she wrote and published Kralen uit de Cariben, a bundle of short stories.

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De steun en begeleiding van Hedwig heb ik als zeer prettig ervaren. Ze is sturend maar niet alles bepalend. Jij blijft eigenaar van je tekst en die vrijheid vond ik heel fijn. Van Hedwig heb ik veel geleerd en ben erg gelukkig met het eindresultaat.
Selma Mogendorff